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Theme of 2013 - 2014
"Curiosity, Creativity & Competency"

Co-curricular & extra curricular activity

House System

The School inculcates team spirit and healthy competitive spirit among the students by following the House System. The four houses are named after the four great leaders.
Annie Besant, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Sarojini Naidu in order to inspire the young minds to follow the footsteps of these exemplary personalities.
Annie Besant:
Annie Besant's life teaches children to be Strong, Brave, Truthful, Tender, Courteous and Self Controlled, according to her words, " Honour should be your watchword and gentleness your ornament ".
Indira Gandhi:
Indira Gandhi teaches the children to possess values like Tolerance, Fortitude, Strong Determination, Sacrifice and Fearlessness.
Mother Teresa
The students learn from Mother Teresa, " The Angel of Mercy and the Champion of the Poor " - to be mindful of their actions and speak tenderly to others.
Sarojini Naidu
Sarojini Naidu has laid before the citizens of tomorrow, the mixed pattern of life, tears and laughter, agony and ecstasy and the need to face the challenges of life with a passionate love for our Motherland.

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

The School enriches the students personality by giving opportunity to each student to enroll in any one of the clubs. The National Cadet Corps, Junior Red Cross, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Society for Science, Social Service and National Service Scheme engender the feelings of brotherhood and National Integration in the students and help in Character Building , Leadership, Right Attitude, Self Management and Social Responsibility. the N.C.C Air Wing for girls has been functioning since the past academic year. Science Club and the ECO Club create scope for the students to practically learn the scientific concepts and help to preserve our environment. The Mathematics Club and Chess Association accelerate mental concentration and ability. The Good News Club and Gardening Club aim at developing the moral, ethical and aesthetic sense of the students. The Language Laboratories, of English and Tamil, an innovative feature, aim at developing the language skills of the students.


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